Give Guitars to Kids and Students who need them!

Our Free Guitar Reviews mission is to help people make great buying decisions. One of the ways we stay honest is by giving away some of our revenue! While this site is 100% free to you, our readers, we still make revenue through ads. We made a decision early on that the FIRST 10% of all we make goes directly to kids/students in need. That means we give away guitars, capos, strings, guitar straps. You name it!

Now you can help!

Help Free Guitar Reviews give guitars to kids and students who need them. Your donation and 10% of Free Guitar Reviews revenue go directly to kids in need! Help today!

Choose to donate whatever amount you’d like. As soon as we have reached the amount needed to buy the specific guitar or accessory that a kid needs we send it to them. No gimmicks, just helping the next generation of musicians get the gear they need.

How do we choose who gets a guitar?

We choose who receives gear based on two factors: 1. Why do they need gear? 2. When did they ask us for the gear?

  1. Why do they need gear?
    1. We are looking to help those who need help. We don’t look over financial records to prove they need help, but our team does a good job of finding out what real needs exist.
  2. When did they ask us?
    1. The list is first come first serve. We aren’t looking to keep people waiting. We would rather have a continuous outflow of instruments than taking years to make decisions on who gets a guitar. Let the good times roll!

Do you know someone who needs a guitar?

If you know of someone in need, let us know who they are and what their need is. We are glad to consider them! Always! Use the contact form below to let us know.

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